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Hissho University

Our Training

At Hissho University, our training mission is to develop talented Hisshonians through innovative training programs. The hands-on training focuses on product quality, customer service and operational excellence, while the business training emphasizes food safety and professional development.

We provide training tools, manuals, recipe booklet and multi-language support. On the last day of training, trainees will be certified through a graduation ceremony.

Our Curriculum

At Hissho University, learning is a professional experience! It is a combination of real sushi bar and hot bar hands on training modules, classroom presentations, role playing and scenario case studies.

Training 2

The Professional Chef Training Program is created to train the sushi/hot bar chef to achieve the next level in a real kitchen environment. The Sushi Hands-On Training includes sushi rolling, nigiri, sashimi, fish cutting, rice cooking, sauce recipes, plating and operation procedures. The Hot Bar Hands-On Training includes wok skills, sauce recipes, stir fry dishes, side dishes and operating procedures.

Training 4

The Business Training Program focuses on preparing the sushi/hot bar chef to become a successful business owner. It includes professional development, food safety, retail outlet management, customer service and inventory management

Training 3

The Management Training Program is developed for Hissho managers. It builds on developing leadership, multi-unit management skills, communication, train the trainers, merchandising and scenario case studies.