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Take a peek inside Hissho…

One of the things we’re most proud of at Hissho Sushi is our Culture. Just take one step inside our headquarters and you’ll see why. Our crazy cubicles range from the simplistic “a few photos here and there,” to complete themes like Philip’s Tiki Bar, Asian kites and lanterns, and even a wild jungle.


With that said, we definitely know how to play hard! When a long week is nearing the end, it’s not uncommon to hear Philip call for drinks at his Tiki Bar for Happy Hour! On nice days, you can find us having ice cream by our Hissho Lake, doing trash pick-up or just out for an afternoon power walk!

Laughter and smiles are also cornerstones of the Hissho Culture. You’ll find that we refer to ourselves as Hisshonians quite often – in a way, we’re like a family. And even though families may disagree and have ups and downs, we still stick together and Create Synergy!