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Have you ever wondered how sushi was made? Ever pondered why fish and seasoned rice roll together so well? Think sushi is just raw fish? Find the answers to these questions and more by attending a Hissho University class.

Hissho University offers a one-of-a-kind sushi experience. Our classes will introduce you to the history and art of sushi as well as provide you hands-on, sushi-rolling instruction. Hissho has emerged as one of the sushi industry’s top brands over the years – and now we want to share our knowledge with you!

Whether you’re an avid sushi fan, a home chef expanding their repertoire or just looking for something unique to do with friends, you’ll find our classes engaging and creative. Great for a date night, girls’/guys’ night out, teambuilding or even a twist on birthday celebrations.

Join us for this immersion experience as we explore the history and traditions of sushi and learn to make classic sushi favorites. All you’ll need is your desire to learn and a healthy appetite – we’ll provide the rest!

4/28 – sushi 101 class

5/19 – sushi 101 class

6/30 – sushi 201 class

7/28 – sushi 101 class

8/25 – sushi 201 class

9/29 – sushi 101 class

10/27 – sushi 301 class

11/17 – sushi 101 class

12/15 – sushi 101 class

Don’t miss the chance to become a sushi master!

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