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Fun Perks

At Hissho, we’re more than just sushi. Hissho is about taking care of people and helping them to grow. We like to think of Hissho as a place that people like to come and enjoy. The Hissho Culture is very important to all of us.

One thing that makes us enjoy coming to Hissho each day is all of our awesome perks! We try to keep ourselves happy and healthy with weekly weight training, cardio and yoga, with an on-site personal trainer. Sometimes we do Zumba, sometimes we play basketball on our Hissho court and when it’s warm out, you’ll definitely see a few folks kicking a soccer ball around or out for an afternoon walk. We also do a Biggest Loser Contest to see which Hisshonians have the willpower and determination to get in shape!


If Hisshonians need to chill out, we’ve got a lounge for that. Seriously, the lounge has been designated as a spot to “play | study | nap.” We’ve got a ping pong table that’s seen epic matches; there’s a free library for anyone needing some new reading material; there are couches for power naps when the days are long; there’s even a treadmill for those of us needing a little more than the weekly workouts!

And that’s not even half of it! If we’ve had a long week or we’ve got some celebrating to do, you can always bet on Philip opening up the Tiki Bar for celebratory drinks and even healthy smoothies! When the weather’s nice, we have Ice Cream by the Hissho Lake and do trash pick-up around the grounds to keep Hissho looking awesome!!

Then there’s the food! When you’re in the food industry, there’s bound to be food to be taste-tested – but that’s only part of it! We have lunches for holidays and celebrations, ranging from the “Good Ol’ American Cookout” with hamburgers and hot dogs for Independence Day to a multi-cultural Potluck Lunch for Thanksgiving. With a company as diverse as ours, the opportunities to taste several cuisines are endless!

Whether it’s a team-building field day, a baby shower for brand new Hisshonians or simply donuts on Friday mornings, Hisshonians are always looking to Generate Fun!